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When something is not going well and distress is affecting our daily life, it is not always possible to identify the causes. It may be due to an unprecedented difficulty that we encounter for the first time or, on the contrary, to a recurring difficulty that worsens with time or appears intermittently.


It is necessary to grant a space and dignity to that which worries us: to formulate, locate and clarify it as a condition for its treatment. Be it a personal mode of functioning -repeated acts or situations that provoke suffering, inhibitions or difficulties with others- or a symptom. 


Motives for consultation: anxiety, panic or anguish; difficulty in communicating or interacting with other people; sadness; mourning; apathy; aggressiveness and irritability; addictive behaviors; eating anomalies; a body affected by moments of crisis or distress; insomnia; traumatic or shocking events; problems in the workplace; family or couple problems; solitude and isolation.

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