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Children’s problems occur within the constantly changing context of their development. They may derive from situations related to their upbringing or education, they may be tied to events that transform their lives or cause them distress, or they may stem from family or parental difficulties. 


It is not always easy for parents to know if they should be concerned about their child’s situation or to determine whether they should attribute a certain meaning to their behavior, to what they say and to what they don’t say. Sometimes the warning that something is amiss comes from the school, from the medical institution or from a third party. This makes it easier to locate the problem but may make it more complicated for the family to accept the difficulty.


Working with children requires the trust of the parents. It is a double operation: the treatment of the children, where I accompany them in using their own resources to build answers and solutions for their difficulties; and the work with their parents, accompanying and orienting them in their educational and formative tasks.


Motives for consultation: parental concern; anxiety or anguish; agitation and hyperactivity; eating anomalies; sleep alterations and nightmares; lack of attention and lack of concentration; language or communication disorders; difficulties in socialising; difficulties at school; tantrums, jealousy and aggression;  mourning, sadness or apathy; fears and phobias.


If necessary, I can coordinate with the schools.


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